Performance Upgrades
Double A’s Automotive Performance can take care of your performance
needs as well. Whether you are just looking to add a little power to your
daily driver with a cold air intake and exhaust, or if you are looking to put
a supercharged stroker motor with a nitrous shot in your vehicle, we can
take care of your needs. We can add performance suspension and braking
to your vehicle as well as some custom wheels to give it that unique look.
Performance Exhaust Systems
A custom exhaust system can accomplish one or all of the following goals:
more speed, enhanced visual appearance and better sound. Read on to see
how we understand your goals and then make them happen.
Speed & Horsepower
Get more power by replacing your OEM or aftermarket muffler with an
exhaust system geared for high-performance. Although high-performance
ends with exhaust emissions, it begins with air intake. Any resistance
through this channel puts a damper on your vehicle’s acceleration.
We do performance upgrades!
Call us or stop by for all of your auto repair and maintenance needs!
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